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Originally, PF only looked at coat colour, but eye colour genetics were introduced in 2010. The genetics behind the eye colours are examined in this sub-section of the main genetics help suite. This section also includes a guide to understanding the PF Wiki Eye Colour Chart, a list of the colours and their makeups, advice on calculating the eye colour outcomes of matings, and examples of making these calculations . The eye colour genetics used on PF are based on those of 'real life' cats, but there may be variations. The information in this section therefore represents eye colour as it works on PF, and is not meant to accurately cover 'real life' eye colours.

This guide will make frequent reference to the 'Eye Colour Chart' on the PF Wiki. You may want to keep it open as a separate window to make it easier to refer to as you read. If you do not undestand this chart at present, it may be worthwhile reading 'Understanding the Eye Colour Chart' first.

For the sake of ease, the eye colour subsection is divided into the following sections:

Eye Colour Genetics
Understanding the Eye Colour Chart
List of Eye Colours and their Components
Calculating Outcomes
Calculation Examples

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