Note: If you found this page through any means other than via the Pure Felinity site, you should be aware of the fact that this page was written about cyber cat breeding, not real cats, and that it is tailored to the breeding rules of this site. The genetics of this site are a simplified version of reality, so there may be some principles that do not hold true in real life.

Pure Felinity have no claim to copyright on any of the linked images - all images are copyright of the owner and should not be copied without their prior consent. Pure Felinity are in no way responsible for the content of external sites. If you know of a better image than any of those used, please let me know.

PF only works with coat and eye colours, but not nose/paw leather colour. Eye colour is covered in the 'Eye Colour' section of this suite, so this section refers purely to the coat colours. These colours are detailed on the next few pages. These pages are purely a list & description of the different colours, and do not include any genetic information. For genetic details of any of the colours, please see either 'overview of the different genes used' or 'explanations of the genes'. The colours on PF are based on those of 'real life' cats, but there may occasionally be slight variations. The descriptions below have therefore been written as outlines of the colours as they appear on PF, and are not meant to accurately describe the 'real life' colours. For fuller descriptions of the colours as they appear in 'real life', please see the colour page of the CCA.

For the sake of ease, the colours are grouped into the following sections:

Tortie (Solid Tortie)
Albino - Pointed, Burmese and Mink
White Spot

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